Extra information – Percussionist applicants


Audition percussion

Play 5-20 min music free of choice. You can play either a solopiece (or part of) , etudes or orchestral excerpts.  A good ideas is to do a mix. The excerpts is free of choice and we preference if you choose something from the most common repertoire.

If you wish to apply for playing timpani in the orchestra, please do also play something from the most common timpani repertoire .

If we after the audition need to listen for some more we will contact you and ask for complement.

General Information

As a percussionist on this course you will be given fantastic opportunities to develop your solorepertoire  as well as your chambermusic and orchestralplaying.

  • In your solorepertoire you will meet Dame Evelyn Glennie and Joakim Anterot in seminars and masterclasses. You’re supposed to be prepared to play a solo piece free of choice and you can choose to play for mallet, set up, optional percussioninstruments, snare drum or xylophone.
  • As an orchestramusician, besides playing in the orchestra, you will develop yourself in preparing auditions. This is through workshops, master classes led by Joakim Anterot.

A Mock- audition will be held at the end of the course.

  • As a chamber musician we will work with percussionensemble, duo with other instruments, and participate in chamber-music with other instrumentalists. Everyone comes to varying degrees to participate in this various ensembles. You will meet a mix of classic percussionensemble-repertoire, improvisation and traditional Swedish repertoire.
  • A list of the repertoire that you are expected to prepare before the course will be sent to you 1/7.
  • Your part(s) in the orchestra (applies to all)
  • Mock audition-material (applies to all)
  • The part(s) that you have been chosen to play in chamber music.

Make a note in your application whether your wish to focus is on orchestra, chamber music, solorepertoire or a mix. You will be prepared to participate in all contexts. Do you want to play timpani in the orchestra, you note this in particular. Aurora makes the divisions.

Any questions about the course, feel free to contact Joakim Anterot at  joakim.anterot@kmh.se

Ola Larsson                                                         

General manager +46 (0)70 654 12 50


Per Nyström

Artistic director +46 (0)708 19 43 47