The world of music
The world of music is both surprising and limitless.It unveils a part of me that is rich and sensitive andproduces emotions that I cannot and do not wish toexpress in words. Music possesses me.
My existence in the moment becomes deeper and isfilled with intense emotion.
I know that this world is almost impossible to live infor more than a short period, but I search for it like afavourite and long-awaited guest, as often as I can.
Classical music is something that never ceases toshape me as a person. The depths of the strong feelingsI experience from classical music are somethingI cannot replace. Sometimes the experiences areexciting and uplifting; sometimes they are reflective.Maybe it depends on the piece I am listening to, and

maybe it depends on how I feel in that moment. Theseare experiences that I cannot ignore and which areimpossible to express in words.I want to help people to feel what I am privilegedto feel. I want to help others to be enriched by whatonly classical music can give. This is the foundation ofwhat I see as my mission to further build and developAurora Music.
I believe that we all benefit, from time to time, fromleaving the digital world that we are soenclosed in today to live out feelings with othersthat help us come closer to the depths of experience. Tome, it can be listening to Bachs St Matthews Passionin a crowded church, or being embraced by thedemanding chamber music of Brahms, or listening toMozarts outstanding piano concertos different every

time I hear them, because I myself have changed.

Creating society
I love classical music. I am convinced that every individualwho is given these opportunities will share myvision. I see myself as a missionary who wants to helpother people have life changing and enriching experiences.

In my work with Aurora Music, I often meet peoplewho show me that my attitude and belief are right.They confirm that music offers mind-blowing andliberating experiences. I believe that these experiencesare important for more than the individual: it is aboutcreating a society that is guided by culture and creativity.


Artists and audiences alike share the same hope ofbeing part of an intimate, grand and bewildering totalconcert experience.
Together, they want to experience what is a fleetingmoment in time intensified by the warmth of companionship,that they may grow and leave the concertricher, perhaps even more liberated.

Master Classes
In the history of our master classes, I have met manyyoung people who, like me, are obsessed with musicand who train for excellence and strive for perfection.
When I meet these young people, the most importantthing for me is to listen and understand.Establishing mutual trust is of the greatest importanceso I may discover their courage and enthusiasmand at the same time give support where experience is
lacking.Trust is often established at a first encounter.When it happens completely between young andexperienced, between student and teacher, between the

The world of music
The magic of a performance is the limitless and uninhibitedcommunication between artists, audiences andcomposers. As a musician, when I finish a performance,I feel a sense of happiness and contentment. A kind ofcompleteness through feeling and knowing thatI am in exactly the right place at the right time.I know that I have been part of creating and sharingthis magic and I dont want the euphoria to end. I wantto hold on to this moment forever.
For musicians, the search for colleagues and partnersis based on the desire and the necessity for the rightcircumstances for this marvelous magic to happen.You work tirelessly to become this magic, becausethat is where the fulfillment and consequently your
happiness lie. This is how you become a real musician,and a valuable human being.On their way to the concert hall, the audiences arecompelled by the same desire, the same wish. They toowant to share in this magic. Those who cannot expressit in words, know how it feels. They travel to the concert

Then, and only then, can we talk together as fellow human beings about the important things that take usto the magic we strive for, where together we can letgo of the tight cord that binds us to our ego, the placewhere fear and greed thrive.
There are technical and instrumental problems thatare often a consequence of being obsessed by oneself.Young people thirst to be seen, understood and takenseriously. They need self-confidence to trust in theirgreatest asset their own talent and true voice.
This is what our master class is all about to giveguidance and courage to the search for ones own truevoice.

Aurora Quick Facts

Aurora Music r en av vrldens strsta arrangrer av festivaler med klassisk musik.
Sen starten 2006 har de tv grundarna Ola Larsson och Per Nystrm producerat mer n 30 festivaler som lockat ver 100 000 beskare som involverat 3 000 artister och musiker frn 40 lnder.
Verksamheten omfattar konserter med vrldsbermda musiker, ofta i kombination med master classes fr avancerade studenter och unga professionella musiker.
Kurt Masur, Midori, Sarah Chang, Mischa Maisky, Olga Kern, Barbara Hendricks och Stina Ekblad r ngra av de vrldsbermda artister som Aurora
Music har engagerat.
Aurora Music r en icke-vinstdrivande frening. Dess inkomster kommer frn offentliga medel, konsertbiljetter och privata donationer, som till exempel frn Barbro Osher Pro Suecia Foundation, Stena Foundation, Grevillis Fund, John Hedins Foundation och Per och Helen Dreijers Foundation.
Vra festivaler r fdda ur krleken till den klassiska musiken. Med en ambition att sprida den bsta musiken, den vi tycker om, ven till mindre platser. Vi vill skapa mten mellan mnniskor och den klassiska musiken.
Mten mellan artister som framfr och mnniskor som lyssnar. Mten mellan artister frn vrldens alla hrn.
Och i direkta mten med vrldsartister berika och utveckla artister frn hela vrlden.
Vi tror att musiken har en kraft som kan betvinga grnser och frena mnniskor frn olika kulturer. Vi tror att musiken har frmgan att skymma olikheter och frena oss i lyssnandet. Vi tror att vi blir till i musiken.
Om ngon tycker att vi r besatta s tar vi det med jmnmod. Fr i s fall r det ngot vi delar med alla de vrldsartister som kommer till vra festivaler. Liksom alla de tusentals beskare som finner vgen till personliga upplevelser genom Aurorafestivalerna.

Ladda ner

Aurora festival production 2017
400 musicians from 40 countries performs

Annually at Aurora festivals
Aurora Winter Classic
Trollhttan in February
Chamber music, Seminars and Aurora Music Award
(a price that takes active stand for human and democratic rights).
Old Ox Music Festival
Mariestad in June
Chamber music and Solo performances

Aurora Fine Arts Festival
Stockholm in August
Symphony Orchestra, Chamber music, Aurora Talks, and Aurora Composers Seminar

Aurora Autumn Festival
Vnersborg in October
Symphony Orchestra, Chamber music, Aurora Talks and Conducting Master Classes and Aurora Conducting Award (in memory of Kurt Masur)