The Aurora Award will be offered once a year by Aurora Music.The aim of this prize is to take an active stand forhuman and democratic rights.The prize is given to a person or organization whoby his/her actions take a stand for human and democraticrights, for a free and tolerant world.Aurora Music is convinced that music has a universalpower that must be used for good, where human freedomcan be expressed in mind and spirit. The severalannual Aurora Festivals are an international meetingplace where audiences and communities meet leadingartists from 5 continents.During the festivals, a series of Aurora Talks presentsopen public conversations where the power of music,its potential and responsibility are subjects for discussionand debate.

The world-famous Norwegian flutist Cecilie Lkenwas the first to receive the Aurora Music Award. Theaward was given at the Aurora Winter

Festival in Trollhttan, in a crowded auditorium, withsome of classical musics greatest stars onstage.

Cecilie Lken says:
I am really happy and proud to win this award.It shows that our help is really appreciated andmightinspire others. The money will be invested in my organization,Rda Hjrtat (Red Heart),where I know it will be useful to people in need.

Cecilie Lken is a humanist and artist.
She combines these two great qualities as a gift to mankind.
In an era of suffering she uses her strengths andher gifts to give people on the run a better life.
By reaching out to the weary in the waters around thebeaches of Lesbos.
By gathering her fellow musicians to form a help network.
By using her musical achievements to collect funds to takeaction.

By founding the aid organisation The Red Heart as abasis for her work.
By using her music to build contacts and communitieswith new-comers to the Nordic countries.
By using her music to tear down bordersbetween individuals and cultures.
By tirelessly living her belief that to shelter a person inneed is to shelter a sister or a brother.
Cecilie Lken is, in the warmest meaning of the expression,a fellow human being, whocontributes to a better life for humankind.
Cecilie shows in her works that a person can make a greatdifference through their actions.
Cecile Lken laureate andperformer Februray 2o16