Bernhard Greter



Bernhard Greter is a swedish/german pianist/repetiteur born in 1987.
He has a concert pianist bachelor from the Edsberg Manor (part of the Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm) – prof. Mats Widlund – and is finishing his master studies as an opera repetiteur at the Norwegian Academy of Music in Oslo – prof. Tore Dingstad –
in June 2016.

Bernhard has been participating in several courses and festivals like Aurora Chamber Music Star Festival and the Nordic Song Festival. Among the teachers are Wojciech Gluch, Anders Peterson, Konstantin Bogino, Fabio Bidini and Jiri Hlinka.
In the last years, Bernhard has been playing numerous concerts in Scandinavia/Europe and has become a sought-after repetiteur and duo-partner for singers and instrumentalists.