Daniel Berg

Daniel Berg is a versatile marimba soloist, composer and educator. He holds the position as the percussion and chamber music teacher at the

University Colleges of Music in Stockholm, Örebro and Gothenburg (Sweden).

In his passion to promote the marimba as a solo- and chamber music instrument, Daniel has worked intimately with a number of composers who have written original music for the instrument.

This includes more than 200 world premieres for solo and chamber works.

As a composer Daniel has written a couple of solo works for marimba like

Over the Moon, December and Blue Memories. The pieces belong today to the standard marimba repertoire.

His works are published at the Edition Svitzer (Denmark), Norsk Musikforlag AS (Norway) Gehrmans (Sweden) and Keyboard Percussion Publications (USA).

Daniel Berg plays Bergerault marimbas and use Elite Mallets.

Joakim Anterot

As an orchestral musician, Joakim has continuously worked on a freelance basis for over 30 years in orchestras in the Stockholm area. Mainly at the Royal Opera and the Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and frequently participated in concerts, tours and recordings. And in this context also have the privilege over the years played with many of the big names among conductors and soloists.

For 25 years, Joakim was linked to the Swedish Folkoperan as Principal Percussionist.


As a chamber musician, Joakim is a member of the chamber music group Sonanza since 1994. The ensemble was awarded the Swedish Grammy in 2010 for the album Unheard of – Again. Sonanza belongs together with KammarensbleN, where Joakim also appeared in a number of tours, concerts and recordings, to the leading ensembles in Sweden in contemporary music. In the world-renowned percussion ensemble Kroumata Joakim was for many years a frequent musician.


Joakim has been teaching at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm for 17 years and is the teacher in charge of the percussion departement. Worked at University College of Music Education in Stockholm for 17 years and as Professor in Bosnia, where he was after the war rebuilding the percussion education at Muzicka Akadmija in Sarajevo. Joakim regularly do worhops and seminars abroad. For PAS convention in the US, he has also been invited together with a colleague for holding a seminar on ther own ensemble method Nu-Musik.


Joakim Anterot was 2007 awarded the Göran Lagerwalls Music Award for his teaching at the higher music education. The award was presented at the Royal. Musical Academy ceremonial meeting by the Crown Princess Victoria.



Evelyn Glennie

“My first experience with percussion was seeing and being inspired by my school orchestra at the age of 12. I knew I needed something else to go alongside my piano playing, which was my main instrument at the time. It was an inexplicable feeling but as soon as I saw the percussion section I knew this was the family I belonged to”.

Evelyn Glennie is the first person in history to successfully create and sustain a full-time career as a solo percussionist. “I still remember the smell of the tiny annexe room where my first ‘trial’ percussion lesson took place. I also remember the ecstatic feeling of holding a pair of drum sticks and striking a snare drum for the first time. I immediately fell in love with it and, to this day, that first drum has a special place in my heart”.

Evelyn Glennie performs worldwide with the greatest conductors, orchestras, and artists. She fondly recalls having played the first percussion concerto in the history of The Proms at the Albert Hall in 1992, which paved the way for orchestras around the world to feature percussion concerti. She had the honour of a leading role in the Opening Ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games. “Playing at an event like that was proof that music really affects all of us, connecting us in ways that the spoken word cannot”.

Throughout her career, Evelyn has had the opportunity to collaborate with a diverse range of artists. “Working with Björk allowed me to break away from the written page and fall into a completely different arena, audience-wise. Giving totally improvised performances with Fred Frith is always an exhilarating experience. We are asking the audience to listen in a completely different way”.

Evelyn’s solo recordings, which now exceed 30 CDs, are as diverse as her career on-stage. ‘Shadow Behind the Iron Sun’ and ‘Sound Spirits’ continue to be bestselling albums that amply demonstrate her brilliant improvisational skills. Of ‘Shadow’ Evelyn remembers: “the freedom I had in choosing whichever instruments I wanted – playing what I wanted and how I wanted – was the most liberating experience I have ever had in a studio”.

A leading commissioner of new works for solo percussion, Evelyn has more than 200 pieces to her name from many of the world’s most eminent composers. She believes this has been crucial to her success as a solo percussionist. “It’s important that I continue to commission and collaborate with a diverse range of composers whilst recognising the young talent coming through”. A double GRAMMY award winner and BAFTA nominee Evelyn is in demand as a composer in her own right and records high quality music for film, television and music library companies. The film ‘Touch the Sound’ and her enlightening TED speech remain key testimonies to her approach to sound-creation.

As a keen collector of percussion instruments Evelyn has gathered a private collection estimated at over 2,000 items. “I realized as soon as my parents bought me my second pair of sticks that I was going to be a collector of something!”

With over 80 international awards to date, including the Polar Music Prize, Evelyn continues to inspire and motivate people from all walks of life. Her masterclasses and consultations are designed to guide the next generation. “Listening is the backbone to every aspect of our lives. The challenges we face in business and at home can usually be overcome with better listening skills”.

Evelyn’s childhood fascination with trinkets led to her love of jewellery. “I have been a keen collector ever since, as a little girl, I visited my relatives on the Orkney Isles”. Evelyn’s first range, ‘Percussion’, is inspired by her ancestral home on the Orkney Isles. Her second range, ‘Sound Colour’, inspired by the shades of sound, was added to the collection in 2012.

To this day, Evelyn continues to invest in realising her vision – to Teach the World to Listen. “Life is full of challenges, but we can always find alternative ways of approaching our difficulties, which will often lead to new discoveries. My career and my life have been about listening in the deepest possible sense. Losing my hearing meant learning how to listen differently, to discover features of sound I hadn’t realized existed. Losing my hearing made me a better listener”. Evelyn is looking to open a centre that embodies her mission: “to improve communication and social cohesion by encouraging everyone to discover new ways of listening. We want to inspire, to create, to engage and to empower”.

Awarded an OBE in 1993, a Dame Commander of the British Empire in 2007 and the Companion of Honour in 2016, Evelyn lives in the beautiful countryside of Cambridgeshire in the east of England.

Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen

Hans-Kristian Kjos Sørensen is a leading figure in classical percussion today. He equally active in improvised as well as written music, as soloist or chamber player. He is not the kind of percussionist that follows the normal path, sitting in the back of an orchestra. As soloist he might as well sing, improvise and resitate lyrics, acting, at the same time as he controls the colours, rythmes and harmonic possibilities that percussion-instruments can offer. His solo-cd OPEN received international acclaim and won the norwegian Grammy, Spellemannsprisen. As a pricewinner from the CIEM-competition in Geneva, Sørensen visits frequently festivals in Europe and USA amongst them Feldkirch, Schleswig-Holstein, Ludwigsburg, Savannah, Aldeburgh, West Cork Ch.Musicfest, ICMF Stavanger, Oslo Ch.Musicfest and Bergen Festspillene, soloist with orchestras such as Philharmonia Orchestra and the chamberorchestras of Sweden and Norway, collobrates with artists like Joanna MacGregor, Vincent Leterme, Gro Løvdahl, Anja Lechner, Terje Tønnesen, Tanja Tetzlaf, Martin Fröst, Ole Edvard Antonsen, Klaus Maria Brandauer, Marika Lagerkrantz, Thomas Hengelbruck, Daniel Hope,Christian Wallumrød, Arve Henriksen, Jon Christensen, Jon Surman, Jean-Pierre Drouet, Misha Alperin, Øystein Birkeland, Bendik Hofseth, Rolf Wallin, Moscow Art Trio, director Per Olav Sørensen and with the musictheatre-composer Georges Aperghis. He has recorded for ECM, BIS, JARO and Aurora. Sørensen is very much engaged in musictheatre and is therefore occupied in the influence this has on musical presentation in general.