Catherine Bullock

Catherine Bullock grew up in Lancashire England and got her first musical inspiration at home:

− I wanted to play an instrument after listening to my sister play the cello.

Her biggest influences musically have been from her partner Geoff Miles and the first concertmaster of the Oslo Philharmonic, Terje Tønnesen.

− They made me love music at a late stage in my twenties. Before that, I had been damaged by a tough schooling.

− Never read reviews

Catherine played in several British orchestras before joining Oslo Philharmonic in 1999; she played solo viola with Philharmonia Orchestra, and with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales. She also plays with Camerata Nordica and the Norwegian Chamber Orchestra.

She´s been a soloist with the Oslo Philharmonic several times. She´s had many great experiences with the orchestra and refrains from choosing a favourite. However, she has a suggestion for concertgoers in search of a good concert experience:

− My only advice to audience members is never to read reviews. This kind of criticism is not good. Perfection or imperfection is the least interesting aspect of a performance.

Her favourite composers are Strauss, Mahler and Mozart. She doesn´t have much time to spare for other activities than music:

− I enjoy being a mum when I´m not playing − with four small children there isn´t time for a hobby.