Maria Kliegel

Maria Kliegel, Violoncello
She has at her disposal all the necessary attributes: a fantastically light, yet notperfectionistically moribund technique, entrancing intensity, glamorous andnonetheless endearing charisma. Der Tagesspiegel / Berlin.
After studying with Janos Starker at Indiana University in Bloomington, USA,Maria Kliegel won, amongst others, the 1st Grand Prix of the ConcoursRostropowitsch Paris (in 1981). Mstislav Rostropowitsch thereupon engagedthe services of his prize winner as a soloist with the Orchestre National de Francefor several tours through France and invited her to his orchestra in Washington D.C.He became one of her most important mentors.Maria Kliegel La Cellissima since then an artist in demand throughout the world started an unusually successful record career on the Naxos label in 1991 alongsideher stage triumphs .
In this way, her recording of Dvoraks and Elgars cello concerts with the RoyalPhilharmonic Orchestra London has been maintaining its success as a bestseller formany years now. Or the composer Alfred Schnittke declared her recording of his1st cello concert his reference work in 1992. In reviews and essays, the internationaltrade press is constantly confirming the top quality of the violoncellist and praisesmany interpretations as exemplary and directional.Frequent honours followed, including 2 Grammy nominations. In the meantime, MariaKliegel leads the market in cello literature with some 1 million CDs sold throughoutthe world.
In her multimedia book and DVD project Schott Master Class Cello: Mit Technik undFantasie zum knstlerischen Ausdruck about cello techniques and famous infamouspassages (played and analysed) published in 2006, she pursues completely newpaths; and within the shortest time received 2 prestigious prizes for it:in Duesseldorf the special Digita prize (best German educational software) and in Berlinthe European Media Prize Comenius EduMedia Siegel. This was the starting point forthe production of the English version Cello Master Class Using Technique andImagination to achieve Artistic Expression, released on the Naxos label in 2010.
Contemporary composers like to dedicate their works to the cellist. Wilhelm KaiserLindemann, for example, composed at her request Hommage Nelson M. for cello andpercussion. This musical reference to the civil-rights activist Mandela finds great attentioninternationally. After the premiere of this work in Capetown, South Africa in 1997,President Mandela reacted profoundly emotionally by inviting the artist to a privateconcert in his residence.
For her spontaneous commitment to the Nelson Mandela Childrens Fund and her untiringefforts for other relief projects, in 1999 La Cellissima received the Order of Meritof the State of North-Rhine Westphalia from the hands of the First Minister at that time,Wolfgang Clement. Since 1986 she has been professor at the Cologne Academy ofMusic and in 2001 established with Ida Bieler (volin) and Nina Tichman (piano) theXyrion Trio, which undertook the artistic supervision of the Andernach Music Festival atNamedy Castle in 2007.
Maria Kliegel plays a cello made by Carlo Tononi, Venice, ca. 1730