Application Fees

  • Under no circumstances are application fees refundable. This is an administrative fee that goes towards the processing and evaluation of the application.

Course Payment

  • Once the course fee has been paid as a confirmation of attendance by the participant, the fee will only be refunded in cases of force majeure. In case of personal illness, accident etc, Aurora requires legal documentation to be able to consider a 75% refund. Cancellation must occur at the latest 3 weeks before the course. If a participant cancels within 21 days of the course, no refund will be possible.
  • Participants must submit documentation with their cancellation letter to be considered for a refund.

Course Changes or Cancellations

  • Aurora Music reserves the right to appoint a qualified replacement to complete a course if for any reason (illness, injury etc) a professor has to cancel their participation. This does not constitute cancellation of the course.
  • If for any reason Aurora Music is forced to cancel a course, both application and course fees will be refunded to all applicants.