Ola Larsson

General Manager of Aurora Chamber Music

Ola Larsson is co-founder & General Manager of Aurora Chamber Music.

Mr. Larsson runs ACM together with Artistic Director Per Nyström.

ACM has in ten years become one of the world’s biggest platforms for classical festivals and master classes, attracting the most sought- after classical artists and professors.

ACM is an active influence in the international chamber music life by its extensive production of concerts, festivals, network building, and master classes for young artists from all over the world.

Thousands of young artists from 5 continents, master-students and artists in the early stage of their careers, have performed and received master classes at Aurora since the start in 2006.

Ola Larsson grew up in a musical family and studied classical guitar at the Academy of Music in Odense / Denmark. As a musician, Ola has given concerts as a soloist, chamber musician and been teaching classical guitar but for now Ola has paused this career to make way for the work on the construction of the Aurora Chamber Music.

In 2012 Ola was Deputy Head of the classical music department at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. But even this has been paused then the Aurora requires more time.

Ola has also had another parallel career, as a sales manager in various companies in the private sector. He has also been active as a project manager in other musical and cultural projects and organizations.

Ola lives in Stockholm with his wife Wendy Mercier and son Edvin