The world of music
The world of music is both surprising and limitless.It unveils a part of me that is rich and sensitive andproduces emotions that I cannot and do not wish toexpress in words. Music possesses me.
My existence in the moment becomes deeper and isfilled with intense emotion.
I know that this world is almost impossible to live infor more than a short period, but I search for it like afavourite and long-awaited guest, as often as I can.
Classical music is something that never ceases toshape me as a person. The depths of the strong feelingsI experience from classical music are somethingI cannot replace. Sometimes the experiences areexciting and uplifting; sometimes they are reflective.Maybe it depends on the piece I am listening to, and

maybe it depends on how I feel in that moment. Theseare experiences that I cannot ignore and which areimpossible to express in words.I want to help people to feel what I am privilegedto feel. I want to help others to be enriched by whatonly classical music can give. This is the foundation ofwhat I see as my mission to further build and developAurora Music.
I believe that we all benefit, from time to time, fromleaving the digital world that we are soenclosed in today to live out feelings with othersthat help us come closer to the depths of experience. Tome, it can be listening to Bachs St Matthews Passionin a crowded church, or being embraced by thedemanding chamber music of Brahms, or listening toMozarts outstanding piano concertos different every

time I hear them, because I myself have changed.

Creating society
I love classical music. I am convinced that every individualwho is given these opportunities will share myvision. I see myself as a missionary who wants to helpother people have life changing and enriching experiences.

In my work with Aurora Music, I often meet peoplewho show me that my attitude and belief are right.They confirm that music offers mind-blowing andliberating experiences. I believe that these experiencesare important for more than the individual: it is aboutcreating a society that is guided by culture and creativity.