Pedram Shahlai kvartett

In addition to being a violinist Pedram Shahlai also composes music, mostly for films and documentaries but also for other artists. In his compositions he uses his knowledge in Folk music but gladly experiments with jazzy tones. Beside concerts and compositions he has also had the possibility to show his acting talents in a few productions, most recently in the popular Katitizi at Folkteatern in Gothenburg.
Improvisation is an important component in Pedrams music, as noted in the latest CD release. Rebaz Duo, which was released in

January 2012, mixes melodies and tunes from all around the world – a journey starting in Sweden and ending in the Far East.
Pedram was born 1984 in the small town Saqiz situated in the Kurdish parts of Iran. At the age of 10 Pedram and his family moved to Sweden. Playing the violin was not a matter of course. However at the age of 13, with some influence from his father Pedram started to take violin lessons in classical music. After studying music in high school Pedrams interest for folklore became stronger and in 2008 he began at the World Music Master Program at the Music Academy in Gothenburg. During the course of the training he covered everything from classical music to Balkan and Indian folklore. It was also during this period that Pedram improved his knowledge and technique on instruments such as Kamacheh (Persian spiked fiddle) and Oud.
Pedram has mixed elements from his year at the Music Academy together with influences from his background in his compositions as well as in his play. With an impeccable technique he performs his self composed pieces as well as famous folk melodies with an incredible sense – a musical storyteller.