Trollhättan Master classes and Orchestra


European/30 September – 8 October –  2017

Welcome to apply for Master classes  with world-renowned professors.
This is a good opportunity to receive advice for your further music education and career. To gain and further expand your international network.

The Classes’ takes place during the ongoing Aurora Festival where you will have free entrance to top class concerts (see the festival program here)

Take risks, inspire audiences, meet people and have fun.
Become an integral part of a performing arts community of which many of the world’s most important performers are also members.

In recent years, over 3000 amazing young artists from 50 countries have participated during the now world famous Aurora Master Classes & Festivals.

We take pride in what we offer our participants. Please take time to read all of the information before you apply.

Course period: 30 September – 8 October 2017 (travelling days 29/9 and 9/10). It is an absolute requirement that all participants are in place in Trollhättan throughout the whole course period!

Application Deadline: 22 May 2017

Audio or Video-recording (Sound cloud or YouTube advisable) is obligatory when applying to the Aurora master classes

Accommodation: Good offers starting from 200 SEK/night will be presented shortly

Course fee: 0 SEK

Course content:

All students will receive:

– 3 open individual solo master classes.

– chamber music classes by participating, actively or passively.  – rehearsals and concerts with the Aurora Symphony Orchestra (except pianists)

– seminars and open workshops

– great fun and free concerts

You have to be in Trollhättan from 30 September at 09:00 AM to 8 October at 21:00

– The cellists at ”Trollhättan Master classes and Orchestra” will recive 1 master class with Harrell + 2 with Lidström. There is allso a master classe called ”Lynn Harrell – EXTRA Master Classes”.
Cellists it that course, will recive 4 master classes with Harrell, read more about that here

Application deadline 22 May 2017

Make sure you have these 3 attachments ready before starting the online application:

1. An audio or video-recording. The only way to audition to Aurora is by adding an audio or video URL (link address) into the Aurora application form. The most common tool for this is Sound cloud or You Tube, but of course you can use any other provider as long as it provides you/us with an URL-link without any log-in needs etc.: Technical guide

This has to be a solo performance (with or without accompaniment), repertoire free of choice. One piece is enough, minimum 5 minutes.

2. A certified copy of an official document from your academy, which proves that you have completed at least 30 study credits, or equivalent = at least 1/2 year of completed studies at higher music education. Certified means that another person (could be for example family member, friend or neighbor) must both sign AND text their name and provide their telephone number ON the copy. NOTE! IF Documents from your school already are stamped/signed by school’s officials – it MUST still be certified as above.

3. A certified copy of your passport or identity card, this MUST be certified (in the same way as mentioned above).


  • 22 May. (at latest) – make the online application, follow APPLY HERE below. It takes about 10 min and you need to have the link to your audition ready
  • 12 June. Aurora will send out an email with the list of selected students.
  • 15 June. deadline to confirm and pay your complete course fee
  • 1 Sept. chamber music and orchestra repertoire will be sent out by e-mail
  • 20 Sept. general detailed info about schedules and program will be sent out by e-mail
  • 29 Sept. check in Trollhättan
  • 30 Sept. 9 AM the official registration at the course venue in Trollhättan
  • 8 Oct. 10 PM the final concert and the course ends
  • 9 Oct.  check out

(Cellists, two options: Option 1) 1 master class with Harrell + 2 with Lidström then continue with APPLY below) Option 2) 4 master classes with Harrell, click here )

Ola Larsson                                                         

General manager +46 (0)70 654 12 50

Per Nyström

Artistic director +46 (0)708 19 43 47